James Spires
ASE Certified Technician

James is a Master ASE Certified mechanic with over 33 years of experience, is a U.S. Veteran and pursued his mechanical career in the Army.

James’ wife and family are what inspire him to continue to grow and build the O.T.R.A. Empire.

What James loves about his job is that being the owner; he is able to make decisions that make everyone’s life a little better every day.

James’ feeling of accomplishment is a job well done and an Idea becoming a reality.

We at O.T.R.A. truly appreciate his sacrifice, dedication, and service to our country.

Malesia Spires
CFO / Bookkeeper

Malesia has been in the transportation industry since 2003 with over 20 years of experience.

Malesia’s family and her O.T.R.A. TEAM inspire her to be the best she can be. They give her the drive to face any obstacle or challenges. Her husband and partner are her strength and rock, and together she feels they are building a Legacy.

Malesia enjoys the many challenges of her job because it is so diverse. She is always learning something new which keeps her engaged. Malesia is also an independent published award winning author of her first YA Fantasy novel “The Kingdoms of Felspar” and has a Children’s book series, “Tansy’s Enchanted Adventures” under the pseudonym MJ Spires that she enjoys nurturing in her spare time.

Malesia gets a feeling of accomplishment from the positive feedback she gets from the AMAZING CUSTOMERS! This lets her know that O.T.R.A. is on the right track.

Christopher Clark
ASE Certified Service Consultant / Estimator

Chris has over 20 years’ experience as a Service Writer and a mechanic combined.

Chris’ became a mechanic after high school then transitioned to the oil field for a while. He came back to cars and realized that was his love and passion as well as collaborating with people. That is what inspired him to pursue this path.

Chris’ is proud to be the first graduate in his family, being a role model for his son and hunting with a crossbow.

Chris feels accomplished when he has attained leadership as well as being successful. What drives Chris is his family. He enjoys cooking at BBQ’s and making people happy. He loves raising morale, learning something new and being the best version of himself.

Freddie Spires
Service Tech / Tire Tech

Freddie has been in the trucking industry as a tire man for several years.

Freddie’s inspiration is to continue on with his dream of one day rebuilding his tire business.

Freddie likes the feeling of getting the job done in a timely fashion and making the customer happy. 

Freddie gets the feeling of accomplishment when he knows his work is done right. 

Samuel Solomon
Service Tech

Sam has served as a mechanic about 3 years after graduating college. Holding a degree in Diesel Equipment Technology.

Sam’s Papa was a truck driver by trade, so he is no stranger when it comes to big rigs. When the country shutdown due to Covid-19, that was the turning point in his life to a recession proof career.

Although Sam has been a great asset to O.T.R.A. He also has a passion for music, when Sam’s not turning a wrench, he is usually performing with is band in front of 200+ people.

Sam loves it when co-workers and the crowd notice the extra detail in everything he works on.