James Spires
ASE Certified Technician

James is an ASE Certified mechanic with over 30 years of experience, is a U.S. Veteran and pursued his mechanical career in the Army.

James’ wife and family are what inspire him to continue to grow and build the O.T.R.A. Empire. 

  What James loves about his job is that being the owner; he is able to make decisions that make everyone’s life a little better every day.

James’ feeling of accomplishment is a job well done and an Idea becoming a reality.

We truly appreciate his Sacrifice, Dedication, and Service to our Country.

Brian “Jethro” Gilpin
O.T.R.A. Trucking Inc.
Fleet Manager / Dispatcher

Brian has been in the transportation industry since he was a kid. His interest was inspired by his father. Brian was a mechanic for the earlier part of his years and transitioned to truck driver over the past decade of his life.

Brian’s biggest inspiration in life has been his mother and his family.

What Brian likes most about his job now being a fleet manager and dispatcher is that he is able to be home every night which is a big change from being over the road for weeks on end.

Brian feels a sense of accomplishment when his job is complete and he knows his drivers are taken care of and safe on the road.

Malesia Spires
CFO / Bookkeeper

Malesia has been in the transportation industry since 2003 with over 17 years of experience.

Malesia’s family and her O.T.R.A. TEAM inspire her to be the best she can be. They give her the drive to face any obstacle or challenges. Her husband and partner are her strength and rock, and together she feels they are building a Legacy.

Malesia enjoys the many challenges of her job because it is so diverse. She is always learning something new which keeps her engaged. Malesia is also working on her first Children’s book for a series, hopefully to be published before the end of 2020.

Malesia gets a feeling of accomplishment from the positive feedback she gets from the AMAZING CUSTOMERS! This lets her know that O.T.R.A. is on the right track.

Misty Gilpin
DOT Compliance Safety Admin
Office Manager / Inside Sales

Misty has been in the transportation industry about 15 years. Working for both companies O.T.R.A. Trucking and Roadside has been a great asset.

Being the wife of a trucker and part time writer, she really enjoys making sure the trucks are safe so the drivers can get home to their families.

Misty enjoys the customers, always learning something new and the opportunity for growth in a fast-paced environment.

Misty’s sense of accomplishments is coming up with solutions to problems, innovative ideas, surpassing expectations and advancing in her field. Misty has also been refreshing old as well as creating new company policies for compliance and workflow.

Omar Martinez
Service Tech / Welder

Omar has been a welder/mechanic for many years.

Omar has always worked in welding that eventually led him to mechanic work since his field was mostly around mechanics.

Omar never thought about working on medium or heavy-duty trucks but finds he enjoys the challenge. 

Omar enjoys this line of work because he likes providing safe trucks on the road. 

James A Spires III
Professional Truck Driver

James has been driving a truck for a little over two years. James had been a forklift operator for companies like Walmart and Walgreen Distribution Centers for the past eight years.

James has always been passionate about the arts and has loved being in character. He can do several voices and sing. In fact, he auditioned for American Idol but they were not ready for him.

James realized the entertainment industry was a difficult industry to get into and started focusing on his father’s company.

James went to truck driving school and earned his CDL. He really enjoys being on the road and seeing the beautiful world God has created.

Dustin Spires
Maintenance and Safety

Dustin has followed his father’s footsteps joining the army right out of High School.

Dustin was a welder and a tech in his ranks as well as worked on inventory and safety.

Dustin has a great sense of leadership and is constantly learning the industry. Dustin always jumps in and helps where needed.

Dustin makes a great addition to our team and hopes to one day own his own woodworking business.

Benjamin Ross Jr.
Professional Truck Driver

Benjamin Ross has been driving for O.T.R.A. Trucking since 2018 in the Oil Field.

Benjamin has been a great driver to the company. He really knows how to get the job done.

Benjamin is a family man and takes great pride in providing for them.

Benjamin makes a great asset to the O.T.R.A. Trucking Team!

Joshua Peppers
Service Technician
Tech Appreciation Week Winner!

Josh has been a diesel technician for the past few years and has been wanting to expand his knowledge in the industry.

Josh has been a great addition to our team. We are always eager to find young talent to mold and grow within the ranks.

Josh has shown amazing workmanship as well as his enthusiasm to learn the field.

O.T.R.A. Roadside is excited to grow with Josh. Welcome aboard!